TelePsychiatry Services

What is telepsychiatry?

Telepsychiatry (or telehealth or telemedicine) is a way of seeing your doctor without visiting the office. You schedule sessions with your doctor the same way you would an in-person session, but the visit occurs over a secure videoconference connection on your computer or phone.

How it helps you

Telepsychiatry offers a way of continuing your care wherever you are. For people who have busy schedules and can’t easily make it to in-person appointments, telepsychiatry makes their lives easier. Your doctor can do almost all of the same things via videoconferencing that they can do at an in-person visit.

There are some restrictions on federally controlled substances and there may be occasions where it’s important to conduct an in-person session. Your doctor will work with you to determine that.

California is like nowhere else. With so many people needing to move back and forth between NorCal and SoCal, the daily challenges of our commutes, and all the jobs we have that we do from home or on set, it’s hard to have a home base and a doctor’s office next door.

We’ve had numerous patients on-the-move around the state who have comfortable psychiatric care without having to worry about switching to a new clinic. You won’t have to take a sick day once a month or take 3 hours out of your day anymore!


  • OCD
  • ADHD
Medication Management

No two people are alike. That’s why we’re dedicated to building a relationship with each of our patients, understanding the unique challenges they face so we can prescribe treatments based on medical integrity and trust.

Mood & Anxiety

We are experts on depression, anxiety, ADHD, and other mood disorders - but you’re the expert on yourself. Together, we can forge a path that gives your mental health the care and attention it deserves.

Women’s Mental Health

We understand that women’s mental health requires a unique understanding and approach. From pregnancy issues (prenatal, postpartum, miscarriage, infertility) to trauma and PTSD, we’re here to help women through life’s challenges.

ADHD & Anxiety

When your child/teen is struggling with anxiety or attention issues, our clinicians can help you get the proper diagnosis and create a treatment plan that works best for you and your family.


Josephine McNary, M.D.

Josephine has her B.A./M.A degrees from Stanford University and her M.D. from Tulane University. She is currently attending staff at the UCLA Department of Psychiatry, where she provides both inpatient psychiatry and consultation services. At UCLA, she completed residency training and specialty fellowship training in both psycho-oncology and treatment-resistant mood disorders.

Nancy Wu, M.D.

Dr. Wu is a board-certified Child, Adolescent, and Adult Psychiatrist with over twenty years of clinical experience treating a wide variety of psychiatric illnesses. She specializes in childhood/adolescent developmental struggles, ADHD, and mood, anxiety, and psychotic disorders. Dr. Wu earned her medical degree from Harvard Medical School and completed her adult psychiatry residency at University of California, San Francisco, and her child/adolescent fellowship at UCLA Neuropsychiatric Institute.

Beatrice Rabkin, M.D.

Dr. Rabkin is a board-certified psychiatrist with a  bachelor’s degree in biochemistry and cell biology from Rice University, and an MD from Baylor College of Medicine. She completed her psychiatry residency training at the University of Southern California, where her training included women’s mental health, mood and anxiety disorders, cognitive behavior therapy, psychodynamic psychotherapy, and psychiatric consultation for medically ill persons with mental health needs.

Marguerite Maguire, M.D.

She earned her medical degree from the University of Rochester and completed her psychiatry residency at the University of Southern California/LAC+USC. Dr. Maguire has a special interest in perinatal mental health and in Latinx populations; she treats patients in both Spanish and English.

Margaret Haglund, M.D.

Margaret trained at Columbia and UCLA and is double Board Certified in Adult and Addiction psychiatry. She completed additional post-graduate training in the UCLA Mood Disorders Fellowship, gaining expertise in depression, bipolar disorder, and treatment resistant conditions.

Jordan David, M.D.

Dr. David is a board-certified​ psychiatrist who practices in the CalPsychiatry Downtown Los Angeles Historic Core office, and uses a secure and private video communication platform for telepsychiatry visits. He offers same-week, evening and weekend appointments. He specializes in treating college students and young professionals whose mood, anxiety, or inattention are interfering with their personal, professional, or academic success.











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