Dr. Josephine McNary, founder of CalPsychiatry, was a guest on the Sexology Podcast with Dr. Moali, diving into the sexual side effects of medications.

Dr. McNary highlights the significance of holistic patient care, and emphasizes strategies for managing these side effects, touching on the importance of proactive healthcare planning and patient education. Her focus on the crucial role of communication between patients and healthcare providers reinforces the foundation of a strong patient-provider relationship.

An open dialogue on this topic can lead to better understanding, increased trust, and improved overall health outcomes. Lastly, the mention of the potential for sexual function to return to baseline after discontinuation of medication offers hope and encouragement to those facing these challenges. It serves as a reminder that while side effects may be temporary, the benefits of proper medication management and healthcare support can lead to a positive outcome.

Tune in and let Dr. McNary guide you toward a better understanding of medications and their effects on sexual health.


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