Kathryn Kinasz, MD of CalPsychiatry joined Ilona Varo, LMFT for an Instagram Live event on Wednesday, March 20th at 3 PM PST to discuss Mental Health at Midlife.
Ilona Varo, LMFT Ilona Varo is a Hungarian-born psychotherapist based in Los Angeles, renowned for her dynamic and transformative approach to mental health. Drawing from an eclectic background that traversed the realms of the beauty industry, entertainment sector, and healing arts, Ilona weaves a rich tapestry of experiences to inform her therapeutic practice. With a profound and multifaceted perspective, she offers invaluable insights into the intricate nuances of the human psyche.
Specializing in women’s issues, Ilona’s expertise extends across a spectrum of concerns, including body image, disordered eating, anxiety, and trauma, spanning the journey from adolescence to adulthood. Through the utilization of methodologies such as EMDR, narrative therapy, and somatic techniques, she underscores the pivotal interplay between mind and body.
Kathryn Kinasz, MD Dr. Kinasz is a child, adolescent, and adult psychiatrist in the CalPsychiatry Silicon Valley and San Francisco offices. She specialized in the treatment of psychiatric illnesses that impact children and adolescents including but not limited to mood and anxiety disorders, ADHD, and eating disorders. She also works with children struggling with behavioral issues at home or at school and adolescents exploring their gender identity.
Dr. Kinasz also sees adults with similar disorders and has a unique interest in women’s mental health including women facing infertility, psychiatric issues in pregnancy and postpartum, as well as challenges of new motherhood. Dr. Kinasz uses various treatment tools including psychotherapy, psychoeducation, parent and family interventions, and medications to help individuals achieve their personalized goals in treatment.

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