Women’s Reproductive Milestones: Holistic Approaches to Mental Healthcare

This four-hour course organized and moderated by Josephine McNary, M.D., founder of CalPsychiatry. Six expert mental health professionals will discuss mental health considerations pertaining to various stages in a woman’s reproductive life. The first presentation, on infertility and infertility treatment, will be presented by a psychologist with extensive experience working with women during this sensitive time. The next presentations will cover case studies in a women’s reproductive lifespan, presented by psychiatrists specializing in women’s reproductive mental health. The case studies will focus on diagnosis and treatment of Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder, Depression-Anxiety During Pregnancy, Post-Partum Depression, and Menopause. The course then moves to parenting, with a presentation on reflective parenting by the author of “The Reflective Parent: How to do Less and Relate More with Your Kids.” The final presentation is by a naturopathic physician specializing in treatment of menopause with a holistic approach. She will present common concerns and complaints associated with menopause, along with various treatments. The course promises to be a comprehensive discussion of a range of women’s mental health issues, and a practical approach to diagnosis and holistic treatment.


Sep 18 2021


9:00 am - 1:30 pm

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  • Beatrice Rabkin MD

    Dr. Rabkin is a board-certified general psychiatrist, working with a variety of patients in her outpatient practice. While she specializes in medication management, she uses a multimodal approach with clients that draws upon psychotherapy, mindfulness work, Yoga psychology, and other integrative practices.

    Dr. Rabkin obtained her bachelor’s degree in biochemistry and cell biology from Rice University. She went on to earn her MD from Baylor College of Medicine. She completed her psychiatry residency training at the University of Southern California, where her training included women’s mental health, mood and anxiety disorders, cognitive behavior therapy, psychodynamic psychotherapy, and psychiatric consultation for medically ill persons with mental health needs.

    Passionate about the complex interplay between medical illness and mental health, Dr. Rabkin went on to complete specialty fellowship training in consult-liaison psychiatry at Stanford University. Her training included experience with psycho-oncology, transplant psychiatry, and psychosomatic medicine. She is currently undergoing yoga teacher certification training to further enhance her ability to provide holistic care for her clients.

  • Josephine McNary (Moderator)

    Dr. McNary is a board-certified general psychiatrist, working with a variety of patients in her outpatient practice. She specializes in medication management and is particularly interested in the use of complementary medicine for mood and anxiety disorders.

    Dr. McNary has her BA and MA degrees from Stanford University and her MD from Tulane University. From there, she completed her psychiatry residency at the UCLA Neuropsychiatric Institute, where her training included women’s mental health, mood and anxiety disorders, cognitive behavioral therapy, and couples and family therapy.

    Passionate about developing her medical practice and technique, Dr. McNary has completed specialty fellowship training in both psycho-oncology and mood disorders. She served as the staff psychiatrist at the UCLA Simms-Mann Center for Integrative Oncology from 2011-2015, and also completed a fellowship at the UCLA Mood Disorders Clinic, which specializes in treatment-resistant mood disorders.

    In addition to working closely with her patients across 9 CalPsychiatry locations and through Telepsychiatry, Dr. McNary is currently attending staff at the UCLA Department of Psychiatry, where she provides both inpatient psychiatry and consultation services.

  • Mallory Aye ND

    Dr. Mallory Aye is a naturopathic doctor licensed in the state of California. She attended NUNM in Portland, Oregon for naturopathic medical school before completing her residency at Sierra Tucson in Tucson, Arizona. Dr. Aye has also completed training in Pelvic Floor Therapy and offers both naturopathic treatment options and pelvic floor therapy for patients. She is passionate at helping people understand the connection between the mind and the body and has a holistic approach to optimizing physical and mental health.

  • Margaret Haglund MD

    Dr. Haglund is a Double-Board Certified Adult Psychiatrist who studied at Wesleyan University, then Mt Sinai school of Medicine for her MD, and subsequently trained at Columbia/New York State Psychiatric Institute and UCLA for residency and fellowship trainings. In addition to her work at CalPsychiatry, she serves as voluntary clinical faculty at UCLA in the outpatient psychiatry division helping supervise and train resident physicians.

    Dr Haglund has previously worked at Cedars-Sinai medical center, seeing patients hospitalized with medical illnesses who also suffered with depression and anxiety; as lead psychiatrist on a surgery center program, helping patients prepare for surgery by tapering down on pain and anxiety medications; and as medical director of a collaborative care program, bringing mental health services to the primary care and maternal health outpatient populations.

    Her primary passion is working with her patients one-on-one to help them achieve their fullest potential. She uses medications when helpful, and also helps people taper off medications that no longer serve them. She has expertise in helping people who are struggling to moderate their drinking and enjoys helping people regulate other behaviors that may feel out of control.

  • Regina Pally MD

    Dr. Regina Pally is a psychiatrist and psychoanalyst who has been in private practice for over 35 years, with a special interest in parents and couples. For 25 years she studied and wrote about neuroscience for mental health professionals. Most recently she has dedicated herself to working in the community to improve the lives of children and their families. In 2008 she founded the Center for Reflective Communities, whose mission is to ‘promote healthy child development, by strengthening the relationship bonds that children have with all those who care for them through an emphasis on reflective thinking.

    The current focus of her writing is Reflective Parenting. Her latest book ‘The Reflective Parent: How to Do Less and Relate More with Your Kids’ emphasizes that relationships matter most in the life of a child and provides parents with the skills for building positive relationships with their children. The goal is for parents to feel less anxious and more competent as a parent, while at the same time feeling confident that they are giving their child all the necessary ingredients for healthy development.

  • Susan Hammoudeh PsyD

    Susan Hammoudeh is a Clinical Psychologist, specializing in reproductive trauma and perinatal mental heath. She received her doctoral degree from the Adler School of Professional Psychology in 2009 and has been licensed since 2011. Her training has been heavily trauma based, as has been her ongoing work. Susan’s own personal experiences led her into the field of reproductive trauma. She became aware of the critical need to support those dealing with fertility issues as it is often a struggle that is dealt with in isolation and shame.

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