About The Event

On February 16th, we had the pleasure of hosting our Psych Media Discussion Group at 12 PM. The event was a memorable gathering filled with insights and engaging discussions. We were fortunate to have expert discussants Cara Natterson, MD, Kathryn Kinasz, MD, and Vicki Chiang, PsyD, join us as we dove into the book, “This Is So Awkward: Modern Puberty Explained.”

About Our Esteemed Guests

Cara Natterson, MD
Pediatrician, speaker, and co-host of The Puberty Podcast, Dr. Cara Natterson, shared her extensive knowledge on puberty and adolescent health. She is the celebrated author of ten books, including the book at the center of our discussion, “This Is So Awkward: Modern Puberty Explained,” as well as the New York Times bestseller “The Care and Keeping of You” series. Cara’s expertise stems not only from her professional experience but also from personal encounters with puberty as a parent—motivating her to establish Order of Magnitude to aid others through this complex life stage. With an impressive educational background from Harvard College and Johns Hopkins Medical School, along with her training at UCSF, Cara brought a wealth of information to our discussion.

Vicki Chiang, PsyD
Dr. Vicki Chiang brought her enthusiasm for the Puberty podcast, which she has followed passionately for several years, to our conversation. Recommending it frequently in her roles as a psychologist, trainer, and parent, Dr. Chiang’s perspective was a highlight. Serving as the Clinical Director at the Institute for Girls’ Development, she specializes in parenting strategies underscored by mindfulness and self-compassion. Her expertise intersects parenthood, culture, and career, fostering nuanced dialogues. Dr. Chiang also engages in educational efforts, providing workshops and presentations to various audiences.

Kathryn Kinasz, MD
We were also graced by the insights of Dr. Kathryn Kinasz, who practices psychiatry for children, adolescents, and adults. Her specialties are comprehensive, covering mood and anxiety disorders, ADHD, eating disorders, as well as gender identity explorations during adolescence. Her unique approach involves various treatment tools aiming to achieve personalized treatment outcomes, making her contribution to the discussion especially valuable. Beyond her clinical work, Dr. Kinasz has a keen focus on women’s mental health issues—the challenges of infertility, psychiatric care during pregnancy and postpartum, and the hurdles of new motherhood.


Clips From The Event

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