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On Oct 12, Christie Tate, writer of Group, joined Dr. McNary and other mental health professionals to discuss her best selling book. Leah Niehaus, LCSW, a therapist with experience leading therapy groups, helped moderate the discussion. Christie spoke about her process of writing the book, her experience in group therapy and the benefits of this type of therapy.

CalPsychiatry hosted a great talk for the October Psych Media Group with Chicago-based writer Christie Tate, the author of the best-selling debut memoir, Group: How One Therapist and a Circle of Strangers Saved My Life.

Leah Niehaus, a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, introduced the unique benefits of group therapy and moderated our discussion. She brought some phenomenal insight on how group settings support both the community and an individual’s mental health.

During the discussion, our guests talked about how a more community-based system of therapy offers a unique benefit to the individual. In addition to realizing that many people have similar experiences and challenges, an individual seeking support can receive it by offering it to fellow participants. Christie Tate reflected on how eye-opening it was to come to group on an average or difficult day and feel immersed in relief by both receiving and offering the understanding of similar experiences with others.

Christie Tate and Leah Niehaus also confronted the reasons we can feel tempted to avoid group therapy. Tate revealed how much more shame is carried in the private life of those who live with an eating disorder as well as the genuine help we can receive from the simple act of revealing the behaviors with which we struggle.


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