A new study to be presented suggests that nearly 1 in 10 pregnant patients infected with COVID would go on to develop long COVID symptoms.

A recent nationwide study improves our understanding of the effects of long COVID on pregnant patients. Long COVID refers to a wide range of health problems that people experience after being infected with the virus that causes COVID-19. Neuropsychiatric symptoms can include depression, anxiety, insomnia, and difficulty with concentration.

The study followed people from across the U.S. who got COVID while pregnant. Approximately 1 in 10 pregnant patients developed long COVID symptoms when evaluated six months or more after initial infection. Their symptoms included fatigue and dizziness. Interestingly, researchers also noticed that pregnant people who suffered from pre-infection anxiety/depression were at greater risk for developing long COVID.

Research studies like this help us better understand COVID’s effect on pregnant patients. At CalPsychiatry, Dr. Juliet Morgan has extensive experience working with long COVID patients. She recently co-authored a book with Dr Meghan Jobson, titled Long Illness: A Practical Guide to Surviving, Healing and Thriving. Dr. Morgan specializes in medication and non-medication-based therapies for patients with long illnesses. Call today to schedule with Dr. Morgan. We offer both in-person appointments as well as telehealth, with times to best fit your schedule.


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