Botox in the area in between the eyebrows and above the nose may help alleviate symptoms of borderline personality disorder (BPD)

The symptoms of borderline personality disorder, also known as BPD, include rapidly changing moods, persistent feeling of emptiness, an unstable sense of self, and self-destructive and impulsive behavior. Patients with borderline personality disorder often find themselves in chaotic relationships, abusing substances, and dealing with frequent suicidal ideation. Many clinicians agree that the gold standard of BPD treatment is a form of therapy known as dialectal behavioral therapy, or DBT. But many sufferers of BPD are unable to benefit fully from DBT for various reasons, including a shortage of experienced specialist providers in many areas.

A recent study published by Nature suggests that botox injections between the eyebrows and above the nose may prove useful in treating some of the symptoms of borderline personality disorder. In the study, women diagnosed with BPD were randomized to receive either botox injections or serial acupuncture of the head. After four weeks, the groups with botox and acupuncture treatments each showed an improvement in BPD symptoms, as measured with functional MRI imaging. Notably, the women with botox injections showed the most improvement in brain regions involved in inhibiting impulsive behavior and managing emotional reactivity.

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