Dr. Kathryn Kinasz from CalPsychiatry was a guest on the latest episode of Health Youniversity with Dr. Susan Fox, diving into the intricate link between fertility challenges and mental health.

With her esteemed background from UChicago Medicine and UC San Francisco (UCSF), Dr. Kinasz explores the emotional whirlwind of fertility treatments like IVF and egg freezing from an empathetic lens.

From discussing the impact on women’s mental well-being to offering actionable advice, she’s addressing it all – whether you’re contemplating motherhood or navigating the complexities of raising little ones. Don’t miss her insights on mitigating stress, the power of therapy, and the underrated role of a good night’s sleep on your fertility journey.

For anyone touched by these challenges – you’re not alone. Tune in and let Dr. Kinasz guide you toward a more holistic approach to fertility and beyond.


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