Immersive psychosocial programs may have utility in the treatment of depression.

A recent study by researchers at Stanford, UCLA, and the Applied Science and Performance Institute examined month-long “immersive psychosocial” treatments for depression. Randomly assigned participants attended a six-day immersive psychosocial program, with guided meditation, goal-setting programs, guided hypnosis, community belonging groups, engagement sessions, and exercise. The study group then continued with thirty additional days of daily ten minute psychosocial exercises. At the same time, a random control group engaged in daily gratitude journaling for the 36 days. At the end of the study, every patient in the immersive psychosocial program group reported a remission of their depression.

More studies of immersive psychosocial programs need to be conducted. But these recent results are promising for adding another treatment option for the hundreds of millions of people suffering from depression around the world. At CalPsychiatry, our physicians are trained in multimodal approaches for mental health treatment. Our collaborative psychiatrists encourage multiple therapeutic techniques. Call or book an initial consultation at one of our convenient California locations.


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