OCD is often thought of as someone who has compulsive behaviors to do things like checking or counting or washing hands, but the other type of obsessive compulsive disorder, which is often more common but often less diagnosed, is the type that incurs in someone’s internal world. It’s a type of disorder where somebody has obsessional thoughts that they can’t get rid of.

Oftentimes, people have thoughts that aren’t in line with their true character. There’s a lot of shame surrounding these thoughts because someone is concerned that they may be judged. But we understand that these are just part of the disease. 

The treatment of obsessive compulsive disorder can be incredibly effective. Oftentimes, it’s a combination medication with therapy that is the best way to go. 

We have treated many patients with obsessive compulsive disorder in our clinic. And if you suspect that you may have this, we’d like you to join us.


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