MindStories Video – Modern Sex & the Burden of Outdated Assumptions | Catalina Lawsin, PhD

MindStories Video – Moving From Expectations to Appreciation in Parenting | Allison Lee Burgess, LMFT

Allison Lee Burgess, LMFT is a Licensed Psychotherapist, Professional Speaker, and Parent Coach. She recently presented her TEDx talk, “Re-imagining Parenting: Transforming Expectations to Appreciation of Neurodiversity.” For nearly a decade she has specialized in...
MindStories Video – Healing through Divorce | Whitney Boole, LMFT

MindStories Video – Millennial Mayhem: Changing Needs in Mental Health | Sandra Kushnir, LMFT

Sandra Kushnir is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist in Los Angeles, CA. She is the founder of Meridian Counseling and Unify. Sandra also hosts her own podcast The Guiding Compass, which focuses on destigmatizing mental health. Sandra grew up in Utah and began...

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