For a portion of autistic youth, social skills will develop normally in childhood and then decline during adolescence.

Autism is a condition marked by clinical diversity. For example, patients with autism can have different comorbid physical or psychiatric ailments. They can also vary greatly in terms of their communication and social skills. The social and communication skills of most autistic children improve over time. But early social abilities for a small subset of autistic youth can sharply decline beginning in adolescence. In a recent study published in Pediatrics, the social and communication skills of over 70,000 autistic youth were assessed and mapped onto common trajectories. Most patients showed improvement in their skills with age until they plateaued, while 5% of the youth had a different pathway, and their skills declined precipitously around age fifteen. 

As a result of this diversity of clinical pathways, individualized care for autistic patients can be highly valuable. CalPsychiatry's Dr. Steven Siragusa at our Studio City and Downtown LA locations is a board-certified child and adolescent psychiatrist who is experienced in the treatment of autistic patients. If you or your loved one is need of compassionate care, call to schedule an initial consultation with Dr. Siragusa or another CalPsychiatry psychiatrist.


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