Most of the patients who come to us suffer from anxiety disorders. Oftentimes, anxieties combine with other things like depression or other substance abuse issues. It’s important to remember that treatment of anxiety is very effective.

However, a lot of the treatments that are used for anxiety can be addictive. That’s why talking to a psychiatrist is of utmost importance in order to determine the best medication for you in order to weigh the risks and benefits of different medications. I also believe, and research has shown, that the combination of therapy combined with medication is the most effective means of treating an anxiety disorder.

Anxiety disorders can come in many different forms. Sometimes people come in talking about just generalized anxiety they have throughout the day that does not relent. Other people talk about sporadic panic attacks that happen out of the blue that really impair their ability to live their daily life.

We work with you in order to develop an appropriate treatment plan to give you the relief you need from an anxiety disorder.



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