Burnout is on the rise, and it can have some serious physical and mental repercussions if not addressed. Some simple strategies can help mitigate burnout and keep you feeling well.

When chronic workplace stress is not successfully managed, burnout can result. The immediate symptoms of burnout include negative feelings about one’s job, and reduced workplace performance. In serious cases, as noted by Dr. Lotte Dyrbye of the Mayo Clinic in a recent New York Times article, burnout can also cause exhaustion, insomnia, changes in eating patterns, headaches, and indigestion. When someone starts to experience these symptoms coupled with stress from work, Dr. Dyrbye encourages a consultation with a primary care physician to determine any medical causes. In addition, an appointment with a mental health professional can also be advised. Regular therapy and time off from work frequently assist in recovery. At CalPsychiatry, our physicians can help discuss the anxiety and depression that can come from feeling burned out. Call or book your free consultation today.

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