Sandra Kushnir is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist in Los Angeles, CA. She is the founder of Meridian Counseling and Unify. Sandra also hosts her own podcast The Guiding Compass, which focuses on destigmatizing mental health. Sandra grew up in Utah and began her journey in the mental health industry during her undergraduate education at the University of Utah. She then continued on to California State University, Northridge for her Master’s program.

Sandra has 9 years of experience working in all types of settings ranging from high-end treatment centers to department of mental health agencies. The wide range of professional experience allowed her to understand the issues facing the industry and led her to start her own program as a way to create change in the field. Sandra practices from a psychodynamic approach but incorporates CBT, mindfulness, spirituality, and coaching into therapy. Her unique perspective has led to a specialization in working specifically with millennials, addiction, and individuals who work in the tech industry.

Meridian Counseling


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