On July 25, Dr. McNary had the honor to speak with Dr. Jenna Reid as a guest on her informative podcast, The Reflective Doc.

In this episode, Dr. McNary speaks about her collaborative approach to patient care. She also discusses treatments for  OCD including in the postpartum period, as well as caring for those coping with a cancer diagnosis.

Dr. Jennifer Reid is a board-certified psychiatrist in Philadelphia, specializing in anxiety and sleep disorders. She is a member of the clinical faculty at the University of Pennsylvania department of psychiatry. She is also a contributor to Psychology Today, and writes and podcasts as The Reflective Doc. In addition to seeing patients for psychotherapy  medication management. She compliments her work in psychiatry with her mindset and wellness coaching program, working with individuals seeking a path forward to their most meaningful life. You can learn more at her website: www.thereflectivedoc.com



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