Charmaine Utz is the Founder and CEO of Living Unapologetically Counseling & Coaching Services. She owns a private practice in San Diego, CA where she uses a social justice lens, making room to discuss how internalized, social, and institutional oppression are part of daily life experiences. Charmaine created Bias Coaching™ in an effort to cultivate more safe spaces for people experiencing oppression and/or wanting to learn about their specific biases.

Charmaine has served as a subject matter expert on issues related to diversity, equity, and inclusion, and having courageous conversations. She provides trainings to organizations, giving employees a unique, self-explorative approach to understanding themselves and how they relate to each other. She brings authenticity and creativity to presentations and is known for inviting the audience into uncomfortable discussions as a way to connect during the learning experience.

Living Unapologetically


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