Zach’s practice often focuses on work with individuals navigating their 20’s-30’s, male psychology, and anyone looking to explore identity. He believes that the foundation of his work with clients in therapy is based in offering them a relationship in which they can feel genuinely safe to trust that they can be seen and understood. He has worked in a variety of clinical settings and with diverse client populations which has highlighted his strength in his humanistic, relational approach toward inviting clients into the healing work that awaits them. He is often working from a psychodynamic and feminist lens to conceptualize and hold space for the “whole person” and their various intersectional identities, but usually tends to bring the work back to the here and now, through a warm, yet direct approach, as he and his client move toward further insight and mindfulness.

Zach has a passion for working with clients exploring their values and identity as they learn how to engage life in the most congruent way for them. This is often what comes up in his work with navigating 20’s and 30’s and at times even more specifically with his work with men as we explore intimacy, masculinity, and self-esteem. He is also passionate about his work with attachment and relationships, inner-child processing, as well as understanding family system dynamics and role expectations.

Through therapy and our therapeutic relationship, it is his hope that clients will build insight and skills around how to engage themselves with more acceptance and compassion.

Zach Resnick Therapy

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