Rebecca is a Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist in private practice who focuses on trauma and anxiety. Originally from Chicago, she worked in “the biz” for over ten years before changing careers into psychotherapy. She received her Masters in Clinical Psychology at Antioch University with a focus on Trauma. Rebecca studied various approaches to relational trauma and grief in an effort to create a new integrative approach to intimate safety related wounds.

Rebecca utilizes EMDR with both couples and individuals to address complex and single incident trauma. Somatic approaches are her preferred method for aiding clients with regulation issues. Rebecca has a virtual and in-person practice with a diverse group of associates, all of whom are strength-based and relational. Both in and outside of session, Rebecca utilizes humor and a wellspring of knowledge about sci-fi and fantasy to connect with others.

Rebecca Doppelt, LMFT

Rebecca Doppelt, LMFT, Psychology Today

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