You might have heard from friends or therapists about smartphone apps for meditating, reflecting, and organizing your thoughts. We recommend that you take a look at your app store, see what fits your style, and consider integrating them your mental health treatment plan into your daily life.

One of the struggles of formulating a mental health plan with a therapist or psychiatrist is figuring out what to do when you’ve left the doctor’s couch and returned home. For sure, the time spent talking and being listened to by your mental health professional is the single most important part of treatment for most people, along with medications that are appropriate for some patients. But what can you do at home to continue your therapy? Common practices recommended by mental health professionals for at-home care include meditating, reflecting, journaling, and organizing. In today’s smartphone culture, there are now thousands of apps available to help. We recommend that look through the app store, find the one that fits your style, and try to integrate it into your mental health treatment plan.


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