Whether you want to get better sleep, be more productive at work or exercise more, here are eight science-based tips for living a more fulfilling life!

This article was first published around New Year’s, but the reality is it’s never too late to make a resolution! Maybe you want to get better sleep, be more productive at work, or find time to exercise more. Whatever your goal may be, this article discusses eight tips (backed by science) that can help you lead a healthier life. Some of the key tips include making a to-do list before going to bed, engaging in 20 minutes of meditation daily, and “bringing your emotions to light.”

  1. A lot of us struggle with anxiety, and for some people, anxiety can worsen in the nighttime. Experts suggest this anxiety spike is because it’s the first time all day that we are truly alone with our thoughts (as opposed to working on tasks at the office or staying engaged in a conversation with a friend). If nighttime anxiety plagues you, try making a “to-do list.” Write down 2-3 tasks that you want to get done for the next day and then leave it there on the paper. Encourage yourself not to think about it until the morning. By physically writing the list out, this makes the tasks feel concrete and manageable. Checking them off the next day is a great perk too!
  2. Meditate! A Michigan State University study found that as little as 20 minutes a day of meditation improved participants’ mental dexterity and attention to detail. While 20 minutes can seem daunting, there are a plethora of apps and Youtube videos that can guide you along. Even starting with 5 minutes a day can reap great benefits and help you return to work more focused.
  3. Lastly, the article stresses the importance of “bringing emotions to light.” Keeping our emotions buried can wreak havoc on our mental and physical health. The article suggests strategies such as personifying your emotions, making them more real and less esoteric. If you feel like you are having difficulty expressing certain emotions or feel like your emotions are impacting your ability to function, it may be worth it to seek the help of a professional. Increased irritability can sometimes be due to an underlying depression; inability to focus at work can sometimes be due to an underlying anxiety disorder or ADHD. Whatever the cause, our physicians at CalPsychiatry can help in assessing to see if medication and/or therapy can help.

This Mental Health Awareness Month, prioritize YOU. The tips in this article can be a great kick start to improving your mental health and you can always schedule an appointment today for an initial remote consultation from the comfort of home.


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